San Diego Mechanical Keyboard Meetup: June 2018

Here are some photos I took at a meetup held in San Diego in June 2018. I believe this was the first major keyboard enthusiast meetup held in the San Diego area.

I was very happy to see a modest but enthusiastic number of attendees who brought some fantastic keyboards to check out. It was certainly apparent that the keyboard community is alive and well in San Diego. A big thank you to the  sponsors, StrataKB and ZFrontier for the raffle donations.

Group of fellow keyboard enthusiasts mingling and talking about keyboards.
There was a excellent selection of custom keyboards to see and try.

I particularly enjoyed this tenkeyless Razer that was modified with different variations of Box Royal and Hako True slider, housing and spring combinations. My favorite was the Box Royal housing with Hako True slider and Hako True spring combination.
Custom macro pad with NovelKeys Big Switches.
HHKBs never disappoint.
First time seeing G20 keycaps in the wild. These were on a WhiteFox keyboard. They were much nicer to type on than I had anticipated.

Probably one of the most memorable keyboards at the meetup: A “raincoat mod” CA66 with Holy Pandas. Yes, Holy Pandas are amazing, however the rubber dome “raincoat” modification brought new meaning to the word “tactile.”



Some eye-catching customs from StrataKB.

Finally got to see a Pearl keyboard in the flesh. This one was considered a “blemish” but I honestly couldn’t see anything wrong with it. Absolutely stunning finishing and near perfect anodizing.
Another gorgeous Pearl.